Rector's welcome speech

Welcome to our official website. Our goal is to provide technical and practical-oriented training to meet the manpower requirements for the industrial, agricultural and economic development of Nigeria. This is evidenced in the quality of our graduates.

Our school is an ideal base for studying and exploring Ekiti State.

Application Exercise


Course Registration Procedure







To Add Registered Courses

1. Locate Course Registration on the left pane of your portal

2. Click on Session of your interest available on your portal

3. Select your Course Level and Semester from their lists for the registration

4. Enter your Session Tuition Confirmation Order Number

5. Click on LOAD COURSES button to load your departmental courses for the selected Course Level

6. Click on any of the loaded Courses' Checkboxes or click topmost checkbox to toggle all loaded courses checkboxes On/Off

7. Click REGISTER SELECTED COURSES button to register all selected courses

8. Repeat from step 3 for the rest of the courses you want to register


To Add Carry-Over Courses

1. Enter the Course Code of the Course Title you want to register and click to on the autosuggested option to complete entry

2. Click ADD CARRY-OVER COURSE button to add your course to your registered course list


To Remove Registered Courses

1. Select appropriate checkboxes of the courses you want to remove from your registered course list

2. Click REMOVE COURSES button and confirm delete



To Print/Lock Courses

1. Select Course Semester. When '1st & 2nd' is selected, the Lock/Print will effect all registered semesters' Courses in the system

2. Click either Print or Lock depending on your choice of action